While licking my wounds, I’m going to get caught up on some blogging fun stuff.  I was nominated for an Addictive Blog Award by T.J. of Writing from the Padded Room.  Thanks for that!    T.J. was my first writerly-support person as has been awesome.


Rules are few.

1.) Thank the person who nominated you for the award. (See above!)
2.) Share a little about why you blog and how your journey started.
3.) Paste the blog award on your page. (Done as well. See?)
4.) Nominate five other bloggers you feel deserve this award.  (I presume this excludes who referred you as part of the point of these awards is to help spread writer blogs to help each other get more notice, and who refers is listed by default.)
I started this blog as a place to air my thoughts instead of boring my friends on Facebook.  It can also help my name be found.  Such thoughtful reasons, right?  No insightful reasons, no thought as to whether or not something can inspire someone else.  Of course if that happens, great!  But as for why I started this blog, it was purely for my own gains.
I will limit the blogs I post here to ones that are on the topic of writing.
1. Daily Writing Tips provides just what the title states.  Food for thought and tips on improving.
2. Sweaters for Days has become a favorite.  I started reading Jennifer’s blog since she was/is recapping the 50 Shades trilogy chapter by chapter, and I have no desire to read that trilogy.  She’s very humorous though in all her posting.  Her link will change since she’ll be changing her writing name.  She and another author have a names so similar (Jennifer Armintrout/Armentrout) that they frequently get e-mails meant for each other.  But the catalyst was a bunch of people bulling the “other” Jennifer because “this” Jennifer is openly not a fan of the 50 Shades series.  Seriously, if you’re going to bully the hell out of any author over valid concerns an author has about the messages and themes in a book, at least get the right author.  So she’ll be going by Jenny Trout from here on.
3. Ink in the Book is a blog T.J. told me about.  The lady there has been hosting a workshop that I’ve been following.
4. Robb Grindstaff doesn’t update often, but his blog, being more of a Q&A with an editor, provides valuable information that will be slow to become outdated.
5. Jeff Goins, Writer: On Writing, Ideas, and Making a Difference is my newest read.  His posts are insightful and education as far as writing is concerned.
Yes, most of what I read has to do with how to improve.  I’m a professional in my day-job career field, yet haven’t given up on working to do it better.  RIght now my focus is more on reading for education than primarily for fun.  Fun’s not falling entirely by the wayside, but first thing’s first for the moment.
All of these blogs are highly recommended.