The worst part of querying is definitely hitting the send button.  Once I hit it, there’s no going back.  If I make a spelling mistake, too bad, so sad.  If I don’t submit exactly what is asked, oh boy, let me go bury my head in sand and open my eyes so I can claim I’m crying over the sand.  So far I haven’t done that, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a first time.

For a few days I’ve been looking into another agent, but let being busy get in the way of finishing my submission.  Since they aren’t copy-paste e-mails and I re-read everything, I can take a couple hours making sure each one is just right.  Cue the boot to kick my butt.  today Writer’s Digest sent out an e-mail to their subscribers that that agent is seeking submissions.  Of course this means she will be under an avalanche of queries.  Can I get a collective D’OH! from everyone reading this?  And I’d appreciate a second d’oh because I just saw the frozen pizza I bought last night is still sitting on the table.  Salmonella’s worth the risk.  I survived it ten months ago.  It’s the query trenches that might kill me.  So into the oven the pizza goes.

And because I love hop hop hop hop hippity blog hops (whoever wrote the screenplay for “Harvey” probably wants to reach through my screen and smack me now), enjoy!

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Talynn over at Ink in the Book spends so much time on things like this and bringing in agents to talk to us that I feel bad having nothing to offer in return but a link to her site and my gratitude.  Blog hops, Twitter chats, you name it, she’s doing it for us.  I also owe a thank you to T.J. Loveless from Writing from the Padded Room for telling me about Talynn’s blog.  T.J. also has a fantastic manuscript in progress I’ve been privileged to read, and though the ending has been spoiled for me (thanks, Twit chat…), the story is still fascinating enough that it only ups my desire to read more!

And the pizza is done.  CPK Garlic Chicken, please don’t make me sick.  I really don’t want to come close to killing a main character in my third book other than the one whose death has already been written, though being upset and nearly killing a main character on a whim in my second made for one of the best scenes.  Lucky readers.  You won’t see what happens in these books.  I made sure of that.  Lots of twists.  Oh, pizza time.  YUM!  Bye.