Wow.  WOW.  I didn’t expect to.  Over at Ink in the Book, Talynn has been hostessing a workshop on writing and various aspects of querying and pitching.  Last week she ran a contest for pitches of no more than 200 words, and the top five, as selected by a panel of judged unknown to the entrants and of various ages and both sexes, and those top five would each be randomly assigned one of five prizes.  Four involved critiques and one is a phone call with a literary agent.

Now my manuscript involves the taboo V-word.  Say “vampires” these days and everyone thinks of Twilight and sparkling.  Though my vampires are the polar opposite of the ones in Twilight, and the characters are multidimensional and the abused girl saves herself, a lot of people are quick to think it’s another Twilight and dismiss it right away.  Those who’ve read my manuscript have been shocked at the Twilight mention due to how drastically different Tristan are and how Juliette ends up the hero of not only herself, but everyone.

My regular query hasn’t been working.  I’d been considering my options.  So I decided to write a quick pitch and was in a snarky mood.

Though she starts off in an abusive relationship with a jerk she doesn’t know is a werewolf, Juliette saves herself. Screw waiting for someone else to do it for her. Too bad her best friend is a secret vampire, making it difficult to be rid of her ex.

Sure, there are vampires in this manuscript, but these vampires can’t be made by biting. So they can go into the sun without dying or sparkling. They can also turn into cool things like a panther and a bison. Don’t underestimate the mighty bison! Too bad they aren’t the only kind of vampires out there. But they don’t know that part just yet. 

Toss in an adventure to find out if there are other vampires, add in some harpies and an irrational werewolfy desire to kill vampires, and put a longbow in Juliette’s very human hands, and you’ll get a heroine who kicks some major ass, saves vampire civilization, and ends up with an awesome boyfriend. Or does she decide not? Hmmm….


Whew.  I just typed and didn’t bother to re-read it.  I did post my query after it with a note about no longer being a teenager with a devil-may-care mindset when everyone else shared their queries.  

Humor.  I have it sometimes.  On occasion, I even entertain myself.

So cue the nerves.  I’m waiting information about the phone call and will probably fight back anxiety over making sure I’m as prepared as possible.