I wasn’t going to do it.  Nope.   I wasn’t going to send out more queries until after professional editing, if I managed to run a successful Kickstarter.  Talented friends and I can only go so far, and I wanted to go a step further.  Why, oh why, did I subscribe to a newsletter by an agent I admire?  Oh, that’s right.  I’m the fool who likes to keep up with what’s going on.  Silly me, tee hee.

Well, this agent had been closed to submissions for a while.  Past tense.  She’s accepting again.  My gut told me no difference would come by waiting a few months.  I’m not one to ignore my instincts.  The last time I had a strong feeling happened shortly before I won a contest.  Now I don’t know if anything favorable will come of this query I decided to send.  

To be perfectly honest, odds are against me, as they are for any writer.  Great pieces are passed by all the time while terrible pieces make it through the slush and end up best-sellers while being derided for the terrible plots and writing.  So I’m not tossing my chips on the table.  Desperation hasn’t set in, and won’t as long as the PNWA conference is coming up.  Yet I’m tense.  

Sacred Blood is fresh and new in its anti-abuse themes and the way the entire relationship is carried out to how the novel ends.  I bring more to the table than a single stand-alone book.  This was drafted as a trilogy, and so, should Sacred Blood be a success, a second book is already in rough draft and the third is partially e-penned.  In addition I’ve planned a series on the individual stories through history and differing countries about each character, and a children’s series I can’t say much about without giving things away.  A single book can be taken, or a whole world with history and culture.  A diverse cast, including interracial marriage and same-sex relationships, without a beating over the head on “virtue,” to reflect our modern world has been so important to me.

Anyway it’s 3:22am and I’m just dumping my thoughts, probably incoherently.  I’ve got more I want to write on that third book and an apple cobbler I just pulled out of the oven and a fresh pot of coffee should be finished.  Coffee brews and my mind percolates around here.

Back to writing.  Bonne nuit.