Everyone says vampires and werewolves are overdone, and by that, I mean five people I know, and the rest of the world.

So I decided to make some changes to my manuscript.  The beings that the two sides are are different.  I won’t reveal how in this entry.  But they are beings that not many people have heard of because they are not common in popular literature.  One of them was mentioned in a Dresden Files book, and the other has no pop culture references.  This wasn’t as easy as a find-replace.  If only!  I had to change explanations in my manuscript and heavily revise a chapter on their history.

This took about a week, and I don’t mean a few hours here and there.  I spent sixteen to eighteen hours a day combing each chapter.  One night I got a single hour of sleep, and not once did I get more than three.  My eyes are tired, my hands are tired, and my brain wants to ooze out my ears and worm away in a gelatinous mass to avoid more abuse.

On the upside, the abuse I’m putting myself through for this has resulted in me taking vitamins again.