I’m not sure what it’s swimming in, but it’s trying to take a vacation without my permission.  The last few days I feel like I’m getting in over my head, so much, so fast.

Yesterday we bunch of people on Twitter managed to flood a company with messages regarding their pro-rape t-shirts.  The company gave a weak excuse about a computer program spontaneously making and posting the shirts on Amazon using random dictionary words, and few people bought this.  If no one overlooks what is made before it goes live, you’ve got a bad company.  Adding to the skepticism is more shirts from the same company saying things like “Keep calm and hit her.”

Last night I had a conversation with a couple friends about whether or not the actions of a couple characters in books are abusive if they claim to love the victims.  Hours of discussion later after an already late night, and finally they started to realize couching abuse in with claims of love doesn’t mean it’s not still abuse.

Also last night author Jenny Trout and her friends experienced some frightening harassment.

Between all that, the unexpectedly high number of people reading my non-fanfic and commenting either on the fic or via e-mail or on Jenny’s blog in comment, and an influx of requests for my book, not from agents, but people who want to read it, I am overwhelmed at the moment.  Doesn’t help that I’ve got a full plate as far as my day stuff goes, dozens of pieces to create for a faire in a couple months.  For a few days, I need to just step back and regroup.  

I do have a tendency to dive full-force into whatever I’m doing.  I’m very passionate about what I do, and am willing to put myself out there.  But putting myself out there on this type of a scale is new and frightening.  (At least it means I’m willing to heavily self-promote.)  So let’s toss that emotion of fear on top of being overwhelmed and my desire to help pull the pendulum back from the abuse-as-romance side of things.  

I need a mental break for a few days.

Also I’ve pre-set the first reader’s interview to auto-post on Wednesday.