On the 23rd I’m having surgery, and so need to get ahead in my “real” job (i.e. the one where I currently receive money in exchange for what I make).  Since I have my own business, there’s no chance of paid time off, and I do have deadlines.  I didn’t want to push this surgery out a few months, so scheduled it for the soonest available time.  The anticipated downtime is a couple weeks.  So this is being lumped on top of my current workload.

So far I’ve gotten about five days ahead, thanks to a couple all-nighters.  With some luck and a lot of sleep-deprivation, I’ll be finished with all work scheduled through May 5th by the end of this weekend or early next week, and then have time to get back to writing.  I miss Juliette and Tristan and have some fantastic scenes loosely outlined, and I have a twist planned in my Taylor piece that must wait.  That which pays the bills takes priority.