I’ve still got a lot of work to do, but in the last couple weeks, when I couldn’t do much else, I worked on my plan.  I’m pulling out of the query trenches and am self-publishing, and I don’t mean print-on-demand.

My reasons are several.  Among them:

1) Even if I were to get an agent AND publishing deal right this very second with a release date, it would be about two years out.  That’s typical.  This would put release right in the middle of Fifty Shades movie mania, which would bury Sacred Blood.

2) Publishers and agents aren’t well-known for doing much in the way of promotion, so I am having a hard time justifying giving them a cut in perpetuity.  I understand that agents can bring to the table an understanding of contracts, but I have a great understanding of them myself and am cynical enough to be on the look-out for tricky language.  If a book sells, the author might get $2 on a $15-book, and then have to give a cut of that to the agent.

I know people with traditional book deals.  Only one has sold over 40 units.

3) I’ve had soem professional input that an agent and editor would probably demand the end to Sacred Blood be changed and to have Juliette return to her abuser and reform him with her love.  In real life this doesn’t work, and if you want books where women go to the men who are abusers and they live in denial ever after, I can point you to other books.  I’ve written  a book where a scared woman breaks out on her own and reclaims her own life.  I’m not about to destroy that because some editor or someone thinks it would be better to give readers more of the same thing.

4) I need the ultimate control.  These characters are my creations, and I can’t stand the thought of someone else taking them and deciding their fates, or ordering the risks I take with them be nixed.

5) 20% of sales will go to women’s shelters. With a traditional deal, my cut of sales wouldn’t come close to this, and out of that, I’d have to pay the agent. So there’s potential for more money to be made, and more going back to the community. Remaining profit will go back into more printing, including copies to give to fundraisers and shelters that need literature for people to read.

So this is the time where I not only scrimp for the writing essentials every writer needs, but to fund the printing of my books.  This is why I say I’m not printing on demand, but doing real self-publishing.  I’ll be financing the printing of each of the three books.  I’ll start with smaller print runs because I just can’t afford tens of thousands of dollars for a single run.  With those books, I’ll work on not only direct sales to start, but listing on Amazon and pounding pavement to see if I can get any local stores to carry on consignment.  Since it’s typical anyway for bookstores to carry on consignment or to have a contract allowing the return of unsold books, my plan to offer consignment is industry standard anyway.

Among other things to do (nixing Createspace, getting listed with Ingram, a little more editing, getting my tech guy to deal with the ebook stuff, etc.), I’m offering a giveaway on Goodreads.

And to think, Sacred Honor will be right after, and Sacred Heart just after that. Suddenly the rest of the year doesn’t feel like very much time.

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