Perhaps more of a head-steering wheel.  I can’t even make sense of how this pertains to writing, but in my head right now, it does.

While driving home form some errands today, I mad to make an annoying merge.  Now I’m a law-abiding driver, but will cheat.  Everyone else will wait in the right lane in line for a mile to get onto the freeway ramp.  I’ll go to the front and cut in up there.  It’s legal, right?  Usually a few drivers get mad.  However today a driver let me right in and that set off a light-bulb moment.

I had an idea of how to turn Sacred Blood into a series rather than a trilogy, though could leave it as a trilogy.  This wasn’t my intention with these books.  Honestly I want to leave them as three.  But story lines are shooting around in my skull, like a ping pong ball.  They are better than the first book, and the story in the first draft of Sacred Honor, and what I have planned for Sacred Heart.

I know, I know.  This shouldn’t be a head-desk.  It is for me because I will not feel these three books are complete without planting series seeds in them.  What’s more, there are already a lot of seeds in there, as if this idea had been trying to break of of a shell.  Either my characters just stole my series from me, or I’ve had more of this story locked away and am just now realizing it.

I’m now confused.  Can you tell?  By the strange opening paragraph that seems to have nothing to do with anything?  For the first time since I conceived the story for these three books, I am completely and utterly confused about how I want the trilogy to end, or if I should even let it.