Edit: As of 11pm on November 21st, we have twelve authors offering fourteen books, some print and some digital, as well as $45 in Amazon gift cards, and a couple authors checking with their publishers.  So hopefully the number will go up.  I’m also promoting this giveaway everywhere I can to get as many authors as possible.  Since there is a theme of strong female characters, this means that authors with books that qualify is a bit more limited.  I’m working on it though.  Hopefully we’ll have many more authors joining, meaning more people to help promote everyone.  I’m really excited about this!


By Thanksgiving I will be hosting a raffle right here using Rafflecopter, and it will end December 8th.  While I’m hosting, I consider this raffle to belong to all the authors participating.

If you’d like to be involved, you’ll need to offer a book of yours, whether print or digital, and if you’d like, you could offer swag.  I’ll be offering the winner’s choice of an e or print of Sacred Blood as well as an Amazon gift card and a bookmark.  You could offer what you’d like.  If you want to offer physical merch, you can either send it directly to the winner, or send it to be my December 8th and I’ll package everything up nice and pretty and send to the winner anywhere in the world.  For digital merch, that can be sent directly to the winner, probably easiest for each author offering digital to handle.

So far I’ve got T.J. Loveless, Michelle Huack, Jean Oram, T.E. Ridener, J. Lea López, Kevin J. Cunningham, and a few others who’ve joined, and am talking with a few others right now, including a couple agents going through their rosters.

I will have entries for following blogs, your Twitters, Facebook pages, and any other social media each author wants, and daily entries for Tweeting, and for blogging.  I will ask each of you to do your part to help promote this, and hopefully fans will help spread the word and get tons of eyes on this.  The more authors promoting, the more people who will see each book.

In the post with the raffle, I’ll list whatever contact info each of you wants.  That will be important for entries based on following.  Between the start of the raffle and the end date, I’ll be glad to give each author a feature post about whatever you want, whether it’s an interview, a guest post, general chit chat, or whatever else, just a chance for readers and potential readers to get to know you.

I do have a private Facebook page set up for participants so that all the authors can chat and keep in the loop about what’s going on.

My goal is to have tons of eyes on each book and to get new follows and fans we each might not have had otherwise.  I ran a Goodreads giveaway and had close to 1,700 entries.  If a bunch of us could each do a fraction of that, it would add up to lots of readers who otherwise might not have found each of us.

If you’re interested, e-mail me at alysbcohen at gmail or reply here.

Let’s make this a big, awesome giveaway and get lots of attention right before the holidays and get some holiday sales out of this!