Mandy Rei Serra has never done an interview before.  I am please to host her first.
1. What seems to be the general theme of your novels?
My writing tends to explore relationships of all sorts. In A TOAST TO STARRY NIGHTS, the protagonist deals with the wants and whims of her fiance, best friend, and mother– all of which goes against what the lead wants. How does one cope when the wants of others outweigh the wants of self?  In DARKER SHADE OF PALE, the relationship between the protagonist and her husband with no moral compass is explored.
2. Why do you write about Strong Females?
Because we live in a society that likes to push the agenda of women being docile homemakers. What little girl doesn’t dream of her wedding? What girls dream of conquering the Himalayas or walking on Mars? Life is a non-gender specific adventure, seems a waste only to cater to the male half. Women need to read about strong ladies, just like little girls need butt-kicking heroines to look up to (Yay, Hermione!)
3. What inspires you to write?
The short answer is: Life. To me, almost anything can be converted into a “What if…?” scenario, thus opening the flood gates of creativity. There are a thousand daily dramas that could spiral into glorious flames of phoenix-like resurrection of one’s soul.
4. What are you working on now?
I’m split between two stories right now. Project one is about vampires in biblical times. The second project deals with dragons in space.
5. Who do you consider your literary heroes?
I am a fan of Anne Rice, both for her vampire novels, and that she’s straddled genres. Dean Koontz and Stephan King both have a wonderful way with creating a drive to see what happens next. The Bronte sisters, for creating a legacy in a male-dominated world, while Shakespeare’s themes still hold true in this day and age. Verne encouraged me to explore, and Dahl is just wacky-awesome… With a fabulously strong female lead in Matilda.
6. Any parting words of wisdom?
Oh yes. Never stop reading.