I love this post by author Jean Oram.  I will be sharing this link with every woman I can.  The message is touching and strong and needs to be read.
How to Be a Strong Woman
by Jean Oram
Ever met a woman and been like, damn, that girl is strong!
Writing about women–heroines–has made me think about what makes a woman strong. And the funny thing is that often women are much, much stronger than they think. They either haven’t realized their strength, don’t believe in their strength, or simply haven’t been through the wringer called life enough to discover just how strong they truly are.
Sometimes when we think go strong women with thing of obvious women who are well-recognized such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Mary Theresa, Hilary Clinton, or Rosie the Riveter. We don’t always think of the people beside us. The women who are balancing Life. (Yes, Life with a capital ‘l.’) They are raising children. Molding youngsters into people that will change and define our future world. They are feeding their families. Clothing them. They are out there working. Figuring out the lawn mower or how to dodge bad traffic in order to get the kids to school on time.
Strong women don’t give up. They persevere. They take care of others. They do those little things that often go unrecognized. Organizing. Knowing where the other socks is. Taking care of their parents. Fundraising. Providing rich experiences for children through volunteering. Adding more tasks to their lists this holiday season to ensure that the ones they love have a season to remember.
Being a stong woman isn’t about money. Or muscles. Power or prestige. It’s about what is within us. It’s about the impact we have on others whether it is small or bigger than small.
Sometimes being strong means learning who you are, what you want, what you need, and then figuring out how to go get it. And that’s what I love about a good book. It involves strong women becoming stronger over the course of the story.
Beth, in my book Champagne and Lemon Drops, grows stronger over the period of the book. She starts off not knowing who she is. She thinks she wants one thing but she doesn’t have the means to make it happen. As she continues through the book she learns more about herself, her strengths and what is truly important to her. And of course, gets the thing she wants!
Sometimes in growing stronger we misdirect our needs and wants on the wrong thing. This happened to Mandy, the heroine in Whiskey and Gumdrops (book 2 in the Blueberry Springs series). She thought she wanted one thing, and over the course of the book she had to get over her fears so she could get what she secretly had always wanted but had been too afraid to pursue.
Being strong means taking risks. It means listening to your gut. It means going your own way. Even  when nobody else understands it.
So, for all the women (and men) out there: Be strong. Live your life. Let yourself dare to try the scary. Let yourself say no to situations that are going to bring you nothing but stress. Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you and always stand up for yourself. If you don’t do these things, nobody else is going to do them for you.
Be strong.
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Jean Oram is the author of the Blueberry Springs series, a small town romance. The first book, Champagne and Lemon Drops is a free ebook romance! You can hang out with Jean on FacebookTwitter, as well as learn tons more about her as well as play goofy games on her blog at www.JeanOram.com.