Character interviews are a lot of fun to read.  Adrienne Wood gave me two of them.  The second will post later today. 

On a slightly different note, Adrienne Wood is the one who came up with the title for Sacred Blood.  I was clueless, and she nailed it.  I’m thrilled with this title, and must make sure she gets full credit.

Meet Lucian Mckenzie.

Adrienne: Where were you born?

Lucian: In Tith – Alkadeen (capital of Tith).

Adrienne: How old are you?

Lucian: Turning 20 on August 6th.

Adrienne: Were you born with the mark of the Dragon Riders, aka The Dragonians.

Lucian: Sort of, my mark is on my right lower abdomen and looks more like a dirt spot. It’s not very dark and I’m afraid if I rub too hard it’s going to come off (chuckle). Just joking. I’m like one shade away from being one of the non-gifted kids who’s parents pay a lot of money to attend Dragonia Academy.

Adrienne: So, Lucian. I heard you are a prince?

Lucian: Urgh (eye roll) Yeah.

Adrienne: You don’t want to be a prince?

Lucian: Do you want to be royalty? It’s not as glamourous as people think. You have to attend really boring functions and meetings. At the last Royal Council meeting I actually fell asleep. My father hasn’t taken me to another one yet. You can’t enjoy a night out without cameras flashing in your eyes, and you always have to think three times before you speak. Not to mention the responsibility that weighs on my shoulders. I mean, I’m going to run a country one day. I don’t think I’ll be able to, but I’m going to try. (He’s starting to become restless in his chair) You’re sure my mom won’t see this?

Adrienne: I promise you she won’t. (And there’s the gorgeous smile)

Do you have any close friends?

Lucian: I’m the prince of Tith, what do you think? (We both start to laugh) Yes, a couple. The rest, I think just want a piece of the spot light.

Adrienne: So, you guys really ride on dragons?

Lucian: (roars with laughter) You should see the look on your face. Yes, but first you’ve got to tame one. We call it a claim. It’s better to wait until you gain your ability. It usually happens around your 17th birthday, depending on how dark your mark is. Only then will you know which breed of dragon you are compatible with, and it makes the claiming procedure easier.

Adrienne: How many breeds are there?

Lucian: (smiles again) Ten. They all have different abilities.

Adrienne: So, back to the claiming procedure. What is it you need to do?

Lucian: You basically fight with the dragon until it surrenders.

Adrienne: (shrieks) Don’t you get hurt?

Lucian: Sometimes, but there are dragons that can heal human injuries in a matter of hours.

Adrienne: So what’s your ability?

Lucian: I haven’t ascended yet (meaning gained his extra ability)

Adrienne: How do you ascend?

Lucian: It’s different for everyone. Some riders became really sick, and I mean, death bed sick. Then before they slip into the everlasting life, they change, and wake up with an extra ability. Others get it through the forces of nature. Some, but it’s really rare, only ascend when facing their dragon in a claim, but the Academy almost never allows it.

Adrienne: What’s your biggest fear?

Lucian: (sighs) Not being able to claim the Rubicon.

Adrienne: The Rubicon?

Lucian: He’s one of a kind. A really strong dragon that can do many things, from spitting acid to breathing fire. We all know him as Blake. We used to be really good friends, the best. But his dark side is already starting to take over and if I don’t claim him soon, he will become evil.

Adrienne: Your friends with a dragon?

Lucian: (chuckles) they do own a human form too, and yes. He used to be one of the most amazing and caring people I know. I guess that’s why I’m so hard on myself when it comes to claiming him.

Adrienne: On the lighter side, do you have someone special?

Lucian: Yes, there is, but it’s complicated. It’s a royalty thing. I’m trying hard to make my dad understand that we don’t live in the 16th Century anymore.

Adrienne: Do you have pets?

Plenty: 5 horses, a monkey name Jeeves, 4 parrots, a spider and an English bulldog name Cat.

Adrienne: Cat?

Lucian: Short for Catastrophy. My mom named him. (We both laugh.)

Adrienne: Do you have a secret?

Lucian: Yes, but it’s more of a family secret. I don’t know what I would do if my friends ever find out about it.

Adrienne: Well, then I hope with all my heart nobody finds out.

It was so nice meeting you Lucian, and I can’t recall ever meeting a prince for real. I wish you all the luck with claiming the Rubicon and can’t wait to read more about you in Firebolt.

Lucian: Thanks for having me.

He gets up, kisses my hand, and disappears into the unknown.