Editing two books.

Trying to promote Sacred Blood.

Writing a serial spitefic and typing in promotion.

Writing two book analyses.

Running a business.

Family duties.

Volunteering for a local theater and a national ballet company.

Activism in support of local teachers.

Trying to keep everything else straight.

This sums up my life in a nutshell.  This blog and my Facebook pages are what fall off my priority-list first.  I can often be found with my iPad mini and a stylus editing something while waiting for an appointment.  When cooking dinner, my computer is usually on the counter so I can type while waiting to stir something.  While cleaning up or taking care of business, I’ll have an audio book on so I can listen to something I’m supposed to critique.  The voice recorder on my phone gets heavy use dictating the neck chapter in that spite fic.  Updating Twitter usually happens while I’m “taking care of business” or while walking the dogs as they take care of theirs.

I have a cook book with French mararon recipes I want to try, and the ground almonds to do it.  I’ve got ballet classes I keep meaning to rejoin since exercise is good for me and I love ballet.  I…uh…well, pretty much everything else I already do.  The peril to enjoying and doing so many things is a severe shortage of time.  Thank goodness I don’t care to sleep a lot.

Back to work I go, with a blog update, a real one instead of 3:40-am ramble thoughts, to finish and post tomorrow night.