Yes!  April 13th.  It’s not finished yet, but having a date means no excuses!  I have two hours scheduled every single day for work, though this is by no means the only time I’ll be burning the midnight oil.  I have a cover to photograph and work on, a blurb to do, editing and more editing…  I have the ISBNs, the easiest part of this.  

On April 13th, I will be hosting an online launch party and cover reveal.  On April 14th, I will be on a blog tour.  I’m nervous for April 26th since I’ll be having a radio interview.  My only comfort is having a semi-pro recording setup in the office.

This is, by no means, all I’ve got on my plate.  I’ve got clients to deal with for my business, some more volunteer work (I’m at about 100 hours for the year, and am on track to beat last year), and am planning ahead for a benefit gala in May.  

And then…editing for Sacred Heart!