Interesting interview! I may be biased. 🙂

Interview with Author Alys B. Cohen

All my spare time, and even time that isn’t really spare, is going to editing Sacred Honor.  The release is less than a month away.  The cover and blurb are finished.  The editing and layout is not.  I have no idea how some authors punch out a book a month.  Yes, I do know authors who release that often, though not at the top of my reading list yet.  I asked one of them, and she dodged my question about how she could write AND edit 100,000 words every single month.

Well, I can’t.  I can write a draft that fast, but will turn around and spent 250 hours or more revising and editing, on top of running a successful small businesses and household duties.  This may explain why I’m sick as a dog right now.  

Back to work!  From my bed.  I haven’t managed to leave it since laying down to go to bed.