Sacred Honor CoverSacred Honor is now available!

Never could Juliette St. Claire have guessed that her future would involve the hard work, glitz, and glamour, of an indie-film actress-turned-Hollywood starlet. Challenges presented by a new relationship with a co-star force her to abandon her comfort zone professionally and personally.

As her twenty-first birthday quickly approaches, an unexpected invitation from an old love quickly propels her back into the danger she thought she’d never again experience. Juliette quickly learns she must choose: her own happiness, or her family’s safety.

Intensely captivating and seductively romantic, Sacred Honor is the empowering continuance of Sacred Blood that will keep you on the edge of your seat challenging perceptions of sacrifice.


I wrote the first draft for this book back in 2012, November to be exact, but spent much of the next year editing Sacred Blood.  After releasing Sacred Blood in December 2013, I decided to push our a release date for Sacred Honor before it was finished.  Since dates are oddly important to me, I picked today since it is not only a weekend, but is the date closest to a dear friend’s birth AND is lucky number 13.  I anticipate the release of Sacred Heart to be September 27.

In other news, Sacred Blood is now available in print!  Only a limited number are available from this print run.