The leader of the protesting in Nigeria was arrested.  Authorities say she claimed to be a mother of a kidnapped girl, and fellow protesters say she did not, that “save our daughters” doesn’t mean that the participants must be parents of the specific girls involved.

I am filled with dismay that in this world, in 2014, from Nigeria to even the US, women are having to fight for basic rights.  In Nigeria, it’s the right to an education without being kidnapped and sold into marriage.  In the US, it’s to access medically-needed birth control, equal pay, and to not have our rights to vote revoked.  In 2014, having two X-chromosomes still means we are second-class citizens.

Just $12 to buy a girl.  234 girls.  $2,808.  If that evil group would sell the girls to me, I’d hand over the money to guy those girls so the could go home.  How horrid that the value of a life is so little.  The people who buy these girls as brides are worse than cowards.  They are pathetic, stupid people who no one will ever love.

Edit to add: More girls have been kidnapped.  The US is finally sending negotiators.

And yes, I know this is a blog that is primarily about writing, but as strong women in fiction is my attempt at trying to promote strong women in general, this whole situation is up my alley.