All bold text is from quoted directly from the book.

Saturday, May 28th (bumped to Saturday, May 31st)

I am pea green with envy that Kate has someone like Elliot.  He’s warm, open…  Unlike Christian, Elliot helped us move.  He had to leave for a while, but is back in Kate’s room now.  While he was gone, a bottle of champagne and a helicopter balloon were delivered from you-know-who.  Kate asked if I had given him our new address, and I told her, “No, but stalking is one of his specialties.”  She tole me he worries her.  Me too, Kate, and I wish you had said this on Tuesday after he raped me instead of insisting he was merely interested in me.

Met # of days ago: 19

Days with contact: 10

Number of days dating: 7