All bold text is from quoted directly from the book.

Monday, May 30th (bumped to Monday, June 2nd)

Even going to visit my mom couldn’t happen without Christian interfering.

After I woke up feeling, for want of a better expression well-used, I met his housekeeper, who told me he was in his study.  What did we do but more of the same?  At least I initiated it this time.  I’m no sure we really have anything in common, but at least the orgasms feel good, even if not much else does.  Our conversation right after was jilted, and was about…I’m not even sure.  I could tell he was dismissing me, and that left me completely dumbfounded.  His ever-changing moods confuse me.  He seemed fine when I went into his study  We had sex…and then he wasn’t.  No, I don’t get it.

He tried getting out of me where I’m interviewing today, and told me that he is “a man of means.”  I know.  How can I forget?  I asked if was going to track my phone, and he smirks, “I’ll have someone else do it.”  God help me.

Christian has ordered me to take my Blackberry and the Mac….He likes control over everything, including me.  He insisted on accompanying me all the way down to the car in the garage.  Jeez, I’m only going for a few days, he’s acting like I’m going for weeks.  He keeps me on the back foot permanently.

My interview went well, even if one of the interviewers, Jack Hyde, from the second place, Seattle Independent Publishing, was unnerving.

I filled Kate in and told her not to rile Christian up, and made sure she knows Life with Christian is complicated enough.

“I hope you’re okay,” she told me, “and whatever issues you’re having with Mr. Moneybags, you can talk to me….Look, Ana, if something’s wrong, you can tell me.”

I wish I could tell her the truth, but just told her I think I’ve really fallen for him.  I don’t know why, like so many other things.  We really have no common interests other than maybe sex, even if he likes it more and makes me.

The evening otherwise was uneventful until I got to the airport and found out that stalker had managed to get my flight info and upgrade me to first-class.  Hw unsettling that he could get that info!  I mean, the first-class parlor was nice, and I enjoyed a good back massage, but still, I wish he had asked.  And I regret telling him about it via e-mail while waiting for my flight to be called.  The almost-last reply I got from him before I had to stow my computer was:

“I know what you’re trying to do–and trust me–you’ve succeeded.  Next time you’ll be in the cargo hold, bound and gagged in a crate.  Believe me when I say that attending to you in that state will give me so much more pleasure, than merely upgrading your ticker.  I look forward to your return.

He signed it “Palm-twitching CEO.”

Holy crap.  That’s the problem with Christian’s humor–I can never be sure if he’s joking or if he’s seriously angry.  I suspect on this occasion he’s seriously angry.  I send back a quick message apologizing.  And shit, he knows I don’t want him to beat me, yet he’s sending the message that he wants to, maybe that he will.

Since I’m already having to type under the blanket, so the flight attendant can’t see, I’m going to sign off on this entry and try to get some red-eye and try harder not to be bothered by his threat of that crate.  Geez, he upgraded my flight, then got pissed I used a perk of it.  Why upgrade me then?  It’s like he’s setting me up to fai.l

Met # of days ago: 21

Days with contact: 12

Number of days dating: 9