All bold text is from quoted directly from the book.

Tuesday, May 31st (bumped to Tuesday, June 3rd)

I almost cried when I finally got into Atlanta this morning.  I missed my mom and step-dad so much, and was relieved to have a continent between me and Christian.

Mom and I had a talk about Christian, and I told her how he’s complicated and mercurial.  She told me men are very simple, literal creatures who usually mean what they say, and that I should take him literally.

At first I think of him saying I don’t want to lose you, and You’ve bewitched me, and You’ve completely beguiled me.  He also said I’ll miss you too…more than you know.  Did he mean he’ll miss me?  Or should I be scared that he’ll go postal and kill me?

We had a bit of an e-mail tease while I was getting ready for dinner.  I missed him, but that’s good.  I still need the distance.  Dinner was the most relaxing I’ve had in a while, because he wasn’t there, and couldn’t reach me.

Yes, I can breathe tonight!

Met # of days ago: 22

Days with contact: 12

Number of days dating: 10