Recently a blog was brought to my attention. To say I’m appalled is undermining the depth of my anger. Women Against Feminism is supposed to be edgy, and to put us women into our places. How dare we feel we aren’t yet equals? Yeah, how dare we….

In the first three months of 2013 alone, almost 700 pieces of legislation were proposed to control women. No one is saying things like abortion are exciting and should be celebrated with parties, but more women would die without them, and, let’s face it, the rich would still have the same access they always did (Jean Harlow and Judy Garland both had abortions in the 1930’s or 1940’s, decades before Row vs. Wade, and the rich had access even before that). Restriction laws affect the poor women who can’t travel to other states, or afford doctors willing to risk their licenses. Proposals against birth control… Well, we all know Hobby Lobby won the right to restrict access based on the religious beliefs of an inanimate company name that exists on paper. Funny how you don’t need to be alive to hold religious beliefs, and how those beliefs will never be different than the people in charge.

This doesn’t begin to get into other problems, such as unequal pay for equal work. I will never forget finding out that my make teammates, who were no more qualified than I was and who had the same job responsibilities, were making $6k/mo while I was making $4k. Now I know $4k wasn’t small beans, especially for part-timers, but the point is that, despite my work being the same, I was valued less because I was a woman, and the bosses admitted this when confronted. No laws prevented this. It didn’t matter that I was the one who took initiatives to fix problems, or to bring together our Moscow and US divisions after being put in charge of training the lead of our new Moscow-based division instead of one of the men. Solely because of what I have between my legs, I was worth less. What I remember was being confused about why my male teammates were so angry. To me, being worth less was business as usual. To them, it was a travesty, and the first time either of them had been faced with how much more they really did receive because of sex.

So this website, Women Against Feminism, was brought to my attention, and at first I thought it was Ladies Against Feminism, a horrid website I’ve known about for years, and was around to see the start of (“Since 2002, LAF has refuted the follies of feminism and promoted a strong, intelligent, biblical view of womanhood”). WAF is worse in that it’s women who are mostly not using religion to oppress women.

Three particular submission to WAF sparked this post.



I have yet to ever see a feminist claim that sex workers should be raped or murdered, or in any way deserve to be harmed or anything less than full protections under the law.  Every feminist I’ve ever encountered supports the rights of other women to provide sex as a money-earning service if they choose, and to have legal protection so that they are not afraid to come forward if a client harms them.  Slut-shaming is seen as vile, not something to be supported and celebrated and encouraged.  Thanks to feminism, women have MORE support now regarding sex work than they ever have.  While still illegal in most place, feminism doesn’t support that, and in fact supports full legalization so sex workers have safety and can contribute to social security to have the same retirement benefits as the rest of us.  Feminism is to thank for every advance, no matter how small, sex workers have had.



Oh boy.  Where to even start with this one.  I guess at the top.

~I do believe there is nothing wrong with having sex before marriage.

Well, duh.  Feminists don’t claim that there is.  We state that women have the right to control their sexual decisions and health.  Who does claim this is wrong?  I’ll answer that in a moment.

~I do believe that woman should not be put down is they have an abortion.

Again, feminists, even those among us who hate the existence of and need for abortion, do not support shaming.  Instead we try to keep safe access, and to work toward trying to lessen the need to begin with through such measures as trying to increase access to birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place.  Access as all is only thanks to the efforts of feminism, and is at risk thanks to Teapublicans and places like Hobby Lobby that claim that contraceptive pills to prevent pregnancies are the same as abortions, and women who don’t want babies should keep our legs closed (no word against the men who don’t want to be dads and how they should keep it zipped).

I could address the rest (no, sex while drunk doesn’t automatically equal rape, but yes, society glorifies rape when the Steubenville whistleblower, Deric Lostutter, faced a decade in prison versus the year the rapists served less than a year, and women were blamed for not giving the Santa Barbara killer sex he thought was entitled to).  But there’s another point I want to make.

Who oppresses women?  It’s not feminists.  It’s other anti-feminists.  In case you didn’t know, apparently wanting to control fertility or have sex before marriage makes you weak, and it you’re strong, you’ll wait on sex and give up control over when you have babies.  Enjoy the very next post after the one above:



(Credit)  We need feminism because where else are we going to get the support we need to have the freedoms we do have and to protect them?   Who really thinks we wouldn’t face a downward spiral at faster than terminal velocity is feminism were to suddenly end?

We need feminism because no one else will fight for us to keep our hard-won rights that are jeopardized every day.  We need feminism because feminism is what gave us the right to speak without being harmed, to vote, drive, own property, and be something more than property to be raped and beaten win no recourse.  We need feminism because there is still a long way to go before we can be safe without it.