I started out writing this post to cover all of those things, but had decided to break it down into individual points.  I don’t feel right talking about humanizing bad guys right after an attempt at being humorous over something else.  So it will have eight parts, nine, if you count this intro of sorts.

Do you now how hard it is to write a spitefic (the opposite of fanfic) in a tense you’re not used to, from a different-sex first-person point of view, and keeping it as canon as possible while trying to make the things that make not a lick of sense make sense, humanize someone you despise, and of a trilogy you can’t respect? Yeah, it’s a challenge.

A little over a year ago I started a spitefic called A Couple Shades of Taylor.  I’ve started posting the chapters on Wattpad, re-reading as I do, cringing at some of the errors.  I initially posted them raw, and made no excuses about how “I never edit (besides typos), and I barely ever reread the chapter before posting because I overthink things and I feel like overediting or trying to use too many words can ruin the story.”  Quote-unquote.  I just didn’t care to invest the time to do so in what, to me, was an exercise in writing outside of my comfort zone.  I wasn’t so concerned with the typos, and the inconsistency in how I spelled one of the names.

Now that the lack of polish has been explained, I suppose I shall leave the separate parts to speak for themselves, each with my thoughts on them and the challenges they present to me, and why I chose to push myself in each direction.

Part 1: Points of View: First vs. Third
Part 2: Past vs. Present Tense
Part 3: Male Point of View
Part 4: Someone Else’s Canon
Part 5: Sense Out of Nonsense
Part 6: Humanizing Bad Guys (trigger warnings on this one)
Part 7: Characters I Dislike
Part 8: In Summary