This movie is being marketed to kids. Frankly, anyone who approves of marketing this to kids needs to be examined to make sure they aren’t harming kids themselves. In the US, aside from Texas, showing porn to kids is a sex crime.  The specific law codes vary by states but you can search for the laws of your state by looking for the laws related to unlawful display of pornography to minors.  That’ll help weed out the laws discussing making, viewing, selling, or trading porn that has children as the subject matter.

This isn’t stopping the movie from being advertised to children.

A few days ago, my little girl was watching com very popular children’s videos on YouTube, and I am not talking about MLP or Hello Kitty or other things that have their sex-fandoms on Deviant Art. She was watching videos by a couple popular uploaders that operate as long ads for toys more than anything. Nothing adults would find sexy unless you’re turned on my watching someone’s hands make PlayDoh food and feed it to a plastic Cookie Monster.  If you’re parent, you may be familiar with the incredibly popular videos by DisneyCollector.

So a few days ago, I let my daughter have the iPad as a temporary babysitter since I was not feeling well, and needed to sleep a little more. After a while, she came in and asked me, “Mommy, what’s the man going to do to the lady?” I looked at the screen, and OH MY GOD it was an ad for the Fifty Shades movie, and it wasn’t skippable! The ad had Christian whipping Ana, and it had been playing as THE ad all morning! My daughter had seen it several times, and was very upset.

I took to Facebook and found out a lot of other parents also saw the ads were playing before kids’ videos.  One memorable comment was from a mother whose young son asked, “Why is the pretty lady crying?”

My daughter loves musicals, like RENT, that have serious subject matter, and I can answer her questions to her satisfaction. How the hell do I explain to a pre-kindergartener why a man was hitting a woman who was tied up in an honest way that won’t get into things she isn’t developmentally ready to handle?

Here we are, days later, and she’s still asking why the man was hitting the lady. She’s still upset by it.  I don’t know how to explain to her what she saw.  This movie shouldn’t be advertised to children, especially using scenes with whips, yet she’s not the only one.

A theater in the UK is being slammed, rightly, over their plans for a mommmy-and-me showing of the movie.  This movie is rated 18 over there, which is equivalent to the US’s NC-17.

We know that violent or sexual images can also have a negative impact on a child, especially as they don’t understand the context.

Exactly.  That is what the ads alone did to my daughter.

Sadly, there are a lot of people defending mommy-and-me showings of the movie, claiming that mothers have every right to see it too.  But with children in tow?!  I am obviously a mother, and if I want to do something that isn’t child-appropriate, guess what.  I either find someone to watch her, or I do the responsible adult thing, and don’t go.  Sometimes being a responsible parent means not doing something since it would be detrimental to our children, and dragging a child to a porn movie that glorifies an abusive relationship falls into that category.

How can we avoid our children seeing this stuff when it’s right next to toothbrushes at Target?  CHILDREN’s toothbrushes?Target

From Twitter

The only way to truly protect our children from this crap is to sequester them inside our homes with videos not connected to the internet.  One friend said she’d tell her kids that “some people like having rough sex,” and hoping that suffices.  That sort of explanation won’t work on a child who doesn’t yet have a firm grasps on the mechanics of any sort of sex yet, which is necessary before starting to teach variations of it, and issues of consent.

The filmmakers, websites, and retailers don’t care that parents are the ones left holding the bag on this, having to find ways to tell our kids what cock rings are when we go to buy them toothbrushes, or trying to figure out what to say about a man hitting a woman in an ad that plays right before they watch a woman make a Play-Do cake.  Something is wrong when parents can’t ensure that our children won’t be subject to marketing, complete with film clips, for a movie they can’t even legally see in every first-world country.  Something is severely wrong with the people who have no problem putting Fifty Shades sex toys, or any sex toys, literally 2″ inches away from Disney Princess toothpaste and an Angry Birds toothbrush.

Maybe some sick freak likes the “oral” on the left, and “sex” on the right.  These decisions are being consciously made.  As a parent, I’m furious.