Last night I was perusing Twitter, and decided to ask a random person who’d seen Fifty Shades if she’d be interested in an interview.  I wrote up a series of questions, trying to remain as neutral as possible in them, and will continue for a few days to seek interviewees.  I enjoy getting viewpoints from regular people rather than just professionals who all start to sound the same after a few articles.  I realize that, this early in the game, most people who will have seen the movie are fans who bought tickets in advance.

Right now I have Cheryl, aka @Nonofo_Chay_xD.  I would like to thank Cheryl for her willingness to participate.  I am extremely amused by the armpit stubble.  This is the kind of detail that professional reviews leave out, but that make for fun reading, whether or not you’re a fan of the subject matter. 🙂

As usual, when I do interviews, I leave all all wording, punctuation, etc., exactly as written, and do not “edit for space.”

Before we start, is there anything you’d like to share with the reading audience about who you are?

My name is Cheryl. And I love erotic literature. No not because I am a horny crazed lady. But because I enjoy the way authors can create human chemistry with just words, working our imagination to create the ideal situation with the paragraphs she blesses us with.

Fifty shades of grey was the first erotic trilogy I had read, so I have kinda a soft spot for it.

Do you consider yourself to be a fan of the books?

Yes I am a fan of the ‘books’

What are your favorite aspects of the books?

Well, though out all the books, we get Anastasia’s conscious thoughts, which makes her seem more authentic, she refers to it as her ‘inner goddess’ and although on the outside she may come across as weak and shy, her ‘inner goddess’ shows us otherwise

What are your least favorite aspects?

The epilogue of the last book, ‘fifty shades freed’, I wish it was longer.

What did you expect when you left to see the movie?

Well this movie took a long time to make. And with all the hype, the tasteful songs and sexy clips/trailers, we expected the best. Although I had not herd of the actors playing Christian and Ana I was very hopeful for the success of the movie.

Where your expectations met, exceeded, or not met?

You know when you walk into a movie, knowing you are going to like it. So you are expecting the best right? Then suddenly you realize 10 minutes into the movie how horrible it is, but you keep trying to suppress that thought. Cause COME ON, It’s fifty shades, the movie I have been waiting for months to see, and bought expensive ass tickets for! Then boom. It’s horrible.


Cheryl’s photo

In what way(s) were any expectations at least met?

The sex scenes. The hype for then was well deserved, they where basicly the only highlight of the movie.

In what way(s) were they not?

1. The details – when you are making a movie for a trilogy with a fan base as big as Harry Potter or Lord of the rings, attention to details are suposed to be met, especially with the first movie. For example, no where in the book did it say Ana had bangs? When Ana first met Christian her skirt was brown not blue, and when they had sex for the first time, it was on white sheets not blue. Ect…

2. Awkward stares though out – I think they where trying to come across as sexy but it was just odd

3. Important dialog cut out- the conversation Ana and Christian where supposed to have after sex, when Christian was playing a melencony tune, was supposed to be the conversation that brought out their emotional connection. And they cut it out, rather they continued to have sex (which according to the book is not true as Christian was aware that ana would be sore.

4. Too much grey- we get that he is Christian grey, but no, we don’t need that much grey.

How do you think the intended-romance came across?

Awkward and forced

And one could see that during the scenes they where supposed to be having a moment but it just seems like awkward staring

How about the chemistry between Dakota Johnson and Jaime Dornan?

They tried. Not that it worked well, but they really tried

Were the sex scenes what you’d hoped, more, or less, and why?

Yes, surprisingly the sex scenes were what I hoped for; as the were very intensely intamite.

I think also being a lady, and seeing a sexy guy with his shirt off does pose a distraction to the actual quality of the acting .But from what I remember they were hot, from tits to pubic hair on Ana we saw it all.

Being an R rated movie it wouldn’t have killed then to show more than a peek of Christian’s dick

Do you have any concerns about anything you saw?

Why does Ana have armpit stubble?

Would you recommend this movie to your friends?

Well, if they have read the book, I would tell them to watch it with an open mind.
However from research, those that haven’t read the book did enjoy it, so I guess I would fully recommend it to my friends who haven’t read the book.

Do you plan to see the sequels?

I actually do wanna see the sequels. I just hope the whole ‘acting’ thing Improves

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

They should add Ana’s ‘inner goddess’ voice some how.The movie seems wildly fast forwarded with out it.

Forgive any spelling and grammar errors haha

However Thanks for finding me to interview, I love it when someone appreciates my point of view.

I hope I helped you with what you needed. Would love to do this again.