I know I’m probably the last person on the internet to address this, but I’ve been out of state for a while on a visit with family.  While there, I found out that a new abomination is coming out, and didn’t have the time to write about it.

When I first saw that this is happening, I thought James was joking with us.  Surely she wasn’t, once again, copying Stephenie Meyer!  For the unknowing, Meyer re-wrote part of Twilight from the point of view of Edward Cullen.  It was called Midnight Sun, and when the first part of it was leaked (I’m going to call it now–Grey will be “leaked” just because ELJ just can’t stand doing anything different than Meyer), she packed up her toys, went home, and hasn’t written anything since (though she did decide to openly share it on her website, which is linked above).  But since she tried, I guess it makes sense that James, who openly wrote Fifty Shades as Twilight fan fiction, would try to copy this.

What’s so alarming to me is that, despite all the evidence that these books really are about an abusive relationship, there are still enough fans pre-ordering this book that it’s topped best-seller charts.  While abuse has become so common that it’s now somewhat unusual to find someone who hasn’t experienced it, the last thing we need is further romanticization of a problem already at epidemic highs that is now fading in the media since there’s nothing shocking about what’s too common to sensationalize.

Something else alarming if that this book will draw heavily from the previously-written EPOV (Edward’s Point of View).  This piece includes Edward (renamed Christian for the official publications) in therapy.  Once again, this is a topic James knows nothing about.  In one excerpt, his therapist asks, in response to Edward’s forlornness over losing his property after the beating that ended what went on the become the first book, why he doesn’t just try a vanilla relationship, Edward’s response is, “I never thought about it.”  And this starts to solve the problem, and within days, he’s cured.  As many people know, this isn’t how therapy works, but try telling that to people who think reading Fifty Shades makes them experts on BDSM, or that writing about it makes James an expert, even over those of us who’ve participated in it in real life.  I’m concerned that, in addition to glamorizing abuse, this new book will make even more people misunderstand how therapy works.

I have decided that I will recap the book when it’s leaked.  I honestly don’t know how far I will get before I get too made and stop, but I will try, if for nothing else, to give potential-buyers enough of the story to not bother.