Three days ago, I predicted that the new Grey book would be purposefully “leaked” in an attempt to once again mimic Stephenie Meyers.  C’mon, folks, I was somewhat kidding, and yet here we are, dealing with yet another event that mirrors Twilight.

James openly admitted that her series is Twilight fanfiction.  She copied Twilight, replacing vampirism with a bad, horrifically wrong type of abuse that she calls BDSM.  This is the first of several times she has tried copying Meyer.

Meyer rewrote the first book from Edward’s point of view, and called it Midnight Sun.  Meyer rewrote Fifty Shades from Christian’s point of view and called it Grey.

And now?  Now!  Oh, folks, now.  Midnight Sun was leaked, so legitimately leaked that Meyer decided to not even finish it.  What are the chances that Grey, James’s Midnight Sun, would now be leaked as well?  If you guessed 100, you are correct.

But here’s where things get interesting.  Rather than report on the supposed theft and leak, the media is questioning the truth of this.  CPI UK, the company that has confirmed it’s printing copies, has gone on the record with a representative stating:

I doubt it’s gone missing from one of our printworks seeing as I haven’t heard about it.

So, if it has gone missing, it went missing closer to the source.

I can’t help but speculate that their James herself released it, or that the supposed leak is nothing but fabrication.  Since the police are said to be investigating (though, curiously, no police department has a record of this), I hope that we find out soon exactly who is behind this.  I doubt the answer will be far from James herself.  However, reports also state that “no police force in the country appears to have a record of the crime report.”  This makes me suspect that this leak is not only made up, but that police aren’t even involved.  I could be wrong, but this seems too coincidental to be believable.