Just a few days ago, 20-year-old Andrea Farrington was hunted down by 22-year-old Alexander M. Kozak.  Kozak, who I won’t honor with a first name, was angry that he was fired for sexually harassing Andrea.  Despite being married, Kozak apparently thought he had the right to have his way with another woman.

As if this isn’t despicable enough, “men’s” groups (I just want to make it clear that the “men” in those groups don’t qualify as real men by any stretch of the imagination, hence the quotes) have jumped to defend him.  One particularly special snowflake, who goes by Ziltoid online, said:

Like rape, does the term sexual harassment prettymuch no longer have any real meaning?
IE it’s safe to assume there’s no chance this guy actually touched her or said anything overtly lewd?

As somebody who’s been job hunting for some time now picturing being fired, in this job market, over some twit finding you “creepy”… Sad to say I’m finding it hard to blame him.

Just let that sink in a moment.  Kozak stalked a woman at work enough times to be fired, yet Ziltoid pities Kozak because Andrea ruined his life…over his own choices.  He’s not the only one who feels that away.

Says Red_Pillage:

Given the lack of details regarding the allegations, it is safe to assume he did not touch or proposition these women. Simply put, he was guilty of having no game and/or being creepy.

As far as I’m concerned, his being guilty of not giving these bitches the tingles is what caused him to get fired, and in turn, murder this chick.Well, I guess that makes it all right then, right?  He did nothing wrong other than failing to arouse a woman at work?

This reads like Red_Pillage thinks Kozak’s only guilty of not getting “bitches” aroused.  Re-read that last like, about how he did nothing wrong other than failing to arouse his victim.

On to Suits….

Maybe it seems hard for you to defend a guy who killed someone, but if he was in any way a victim, you can count on the media to avoid mentioning it.

What is more to point, is the question of how often are we going be seeing this happen in a society that criminalizes normal male behaviour?

Normal.  Male.  Behavior.  What Kozak did is just normal…male…behavior.  I’m not even sure what to say to that.

RG tries another line of defense.

You know I think I was in this guys shoes once on some level. Only married a year, I really wanted to bang one of my wife’s friends. Bad. Being married young only fuels the fire to fuck around. A man wants to work magic on other women. An early twenties guy is horny as the sun is hot.
Something clicked. If you really want to fuck around. Go far away from home and fuck someone you will never see again. This guy seems to have tried to get it on where he made his paycheck and it blew up in his face as would have happened to anyone else.

I can’t figure out how that even works.  So if you’re married, it “fuels the fire to fuck around,” and his mistake was trying to get in the panties of a woman at work?  His mistake wasn’t in failing to control himself, and then consciously planning her murder?

Samseau tries some mental gymnastics that must be read in their entirely to be believed.

Red_Pillage gives us an ominous warning.

There’s gonna be a lot more Elliot Rodger’s coming down the pike.

Yes.  Yes, there will be be more Elliot Rodgers, and it’s thanks largely to the dangerous who attempt to excuse and even normalize men murdering women for the unforgivable crime of not spreading her legs for any man who decides he has a right to be there.

That, dear readers, are just a few of the mind-blowing comments in just the first twenty comments on that thread.

Something else alarming is how quickly this murder has been swept under the rug.  It’s no longer news.  Prince George wearing a blue romper similar to one his father wore at the same age trended for almost three days.  This Iowa mall shooting has all but fallen off the radar, and for many people I’ve spoken to about it, it never ever entered their radar space.  We’ve entered an age where men killing women for saying NO is common enough that the public is more interested in talking about why Piper should be kicked off of Orange is the New Black, and have the lead character replaced by a newcomer.  Priorities.  The safety of women seems to not even rank anymore, especially when the victims of this abuse can somehow be found at fault.  I guess they should have just given in and surrendered their autonomy….