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The last five days would have been a great chance for James to show us what Grey does that doesn’t directly involve Ana, or even what he does when he can’t see her.  Instead this book skips all that, and picks up on the infamous day when he stalks her at her job.

But first we see some of the information in that docket Grey had compiled.  A background check should reveal things such as someone’s criminal background and their criminal background, and maybe their criminal background.  Grey’s docket has everything from her social to her address to her bank account information and balance.

Ana’s address is as fabricated as could be.  It is like someone who has never been to Germany trying to write a German address with next to no research.

1114 SW Green Street, Apartment 7,
Heights, Vancouver, WA 98888

Exactly.  I’m glad she used a fake address.  Here in Vancouver, we do have a street with the name Green, but it’s Village Green, and Haven Heights does’t pull up anything in town.  The zip code isn’t even a zip code.  It’s not registered.

For those of you not un the US, this address would be written as:

1114 SW Green Street #7
Vancouver, WA 98888

Too bad she actually used a real phone number.  360-959-4320 has since been disconnected and is out of use.  There’s a reason that fiction books in the US use 555.  555 is a prefix that isn’t used.  360-555-4320 would have been fine.

She really shouldn’t have used any social security number.  For those of us born before that, the first three numbers corresponded to location of birth.  The 900’s weren’t used, but have been since since 2007, when they became randomized.  As if there isn’t enough of an issue with theft of social security numbers, she just gave overzealous fans one to try messing with.

Parental information and their birthdays and death dates, school info (of course Ana, who it will turn out has never used a computer or had an email address, got 4.00–I’m only surprised she didn’t score perfectly on her SATs), and more.  Again, including her bank account balance.

There are no legal means to get this information on random people.

Rather than show, James has Grey TELL us that he spent his time in meetings the previous week fantasizing about her.  Of course he has.  Thank goodness the CORPORATION would really have shareholders, or else they’d all be sunk.

Turns out he was reading the docket and thinking back on the week’s fantasies from the car parked out front of her place of employment.  Stalkerish, right?  Yes.

Ah, working in Portland while living in ‘Couv.  Poor girl.  She could have been income-tax-free all the way if the store had remained in Vancouver.  It is listed as being on NW Vancouver Drive with no number listed.  There is a NW Vancouver Street in Portland.

Her background check revealed she had no boyfriend (how?), and that is the only remarkable think to Grey.  Apparently people can’t be between relationships or not interested in relationships.  Grey has no girlfriend.  So he has no room to talk.  He wonders if she’s gay.  Really.  No boyfriend must mean gay.  Well, I suppose he’s gay too.  These books all have a lot of homophobia in them.

His entire point of being there is to decide if she’d be a good submissive (victim–what happens in these books is NOT BDSM, and that’s according to real Dom of over 20 years, and pretty much every real kinkster). He knows nothing about her since the info he got doesn’t really tell you about who a person is.  Yet he’s there with sex on his mind.  Is she a human or a Real Doll?  The Real Dolls are truly stunning in how real they looks.

Real Doll

I discovered that there is a market for used Real Dolls when looking for a pic of one.  A used sex doll.  Somehow that’s worse than buying a used vibrator.

Anyway!  He moves on to “lascivious thoughts,” for which we are spared the details. and a self-admission that he’s a stalker, using that word.

He heads in, sees her almost right away, and…

My cock twitches in response.
What am I, fourteen?
My body’s reaction is irritating. Maybe this will stop if I fetter, fuck, and flog her…and not necessarily in that order. Yeah. That’s what I need.

Yup. Ana’s a sex toy.  A sex toy with “perfect tits.”  Heh.  Does anyone even call them “tits” anymore?  That’s so 1985, like the word “dick,” which we’ll see a lot on this book.

In response to her smile that he describes as one she reserves for customers (because he somehow knows all about her, by magic?) he decides…

Game on, Miss Steele.
“There are a few items I need. To start with, I’d like some cable ties.”
My request catches her off guard; she looks stunned.
Oh, this is going to be fun. You’d be amazed what I can do with a few cable ties, baby.

What a jerk.  He’s intentionally going this, as if she’s a toy without feelings.  Ana blushes in response to his requests, made unusual by the fact that he lives three hours away, and she knows that there’s no reason to be buying cable ties and rope from her.  Since she blushed, that means she’s not gay.  According to Grey.

Grey tells her he’s in town to see WSU’s faming division, which he tells her is in Vancouver.  Fans and non-fans alike pointed out there is no farming division at WSU Vancouver.  James rectifies this by having Grey tell us he’s lying to her.  Laying the foundation for all the lies of their relationship, I see.

She jokingly asks if it’s part of his “feed-the-world plan,” and I cringe when he says it’s something like that.  Monsanto has a plan “something like that,” and look what’s happening there.


Just like Grey!

We have a record length of time pass without Grey mentioning getting tinglies in his pants, or explicit fantasies.  Two pages!  But he touches her hand, and BOOM, we hear about his nether regions being on fire.  He might want to get that checked out.

“What sort were you after? We have synthetic and natural filament rope…twine…cable cord…”
Shit—stop. I groan inwardly, trying to chase away the image of her suspended from the ceiling in my playroom.
“I’ll take five yards of the natural filament rope, please.” It’s coarser and chafes more if you struggle against it…my rope of choice.”

We get both a fantasy, AND he picked the rope you do not use.  That filament rope will shred your skin!  Make you bleed badly.  It’s harder to get undone if an emergency comes up, and so can kill someone.  I bet he’s like Bluebeard, with a room of bodies.

They make small talk that does nothing for the story besides pad it.  She finally gets around to saying Kate wishes she had some photos to use, and that leads to an exchange of his business card and hope for her to call.

Oh, no!  Ana’s co-worker comes in, and how very daaaaaare he look at Ana?  Seriously, all he does is say, “Ana!” and Grey gets mad.

Who the hell is this prick?

Ana, as her own person, moves toward him for a hug.  Oh, boy.

My blood runs cold. It’s a primal response.
Get your fucking paws off her.
I fist my hands and am only slightly mollified when she doesn’t return his hug.

Yes, that’s right.  He felt violent.  Ana is already HIS property.  After her co-worker leaves, Grey realizes somehow just how innocent she is, but that just means she’ll be a challenge!  To train and mold how he wants!  She hasn’t even indicated there will ever be a date, and already he’s thinking about the sex he’ll make her have, and how.

She rings up his purchases, and he leaves.

Utilizing willpower that would make Elena proud, I keep my eyes ahead as I take my cell out of my pocket and climb into the rental car.

What need is there for willpower?  You saw her, bought stuff, and left.  What do you need willpower for?  To not rape her like you’ve been dreaming about?

While waiting for Taylor, his main bodyguard and one of the few decent people in this series, to have the helicopter moved from Seattle to Portland, he decides to hike, and of course we never see that.  Multnomah Falls is nearby.  You can hike to the top, and oh, it’s stunning.  It’s like Rivendell on Earth.

A.J. Wright Photography

A.J. Wright Photography

And since this is in the background of a scene in Twilight (the baseball scene even though that was supposed to be in Forks, Washington), James really missed a chance to work in the source material she ripped off!

This also could have been another good chance to see Grey do something, see how physical exertion affects his thoughts, see what demons he deals with alone.  So we don’t see it.  Why would we?  That would require James to make an effort to write something original.

WHEN I GLANCE UP, dusk has shrouded my suite in gray shadows. The prospect of a night alone again is depressing.

Dark room
So emo.  I think we’re supposed to feel ad for him, even though he’s only depressed since it’s been two months since he last had sex.

Ana calls, to his pleasure, and they set up a time the following morning.  It’s not very exciting.  But he does close out the chapter by reinforcing how she’s not a human.  She’s just property, a business transaction.

How the hell am I going to close this deal?

Told you so.  And now this chapter, and this chapter’s recap, are at an end.