I’ve very, very low on time right now, and so this will be a quickpost.  On Twitter, I was asked about E.L. James’s treatment of real-life abuse-survivors, and since Twitter limits is to 140 characters, I decided to answer as a blog post with links.

First, one where she puts down real-live survivors as doing a disservice to real-live survivors.  We (myself, and legions of others when referring to this) use the word “disservice” since it’s an actual quote:

“Nothing freaks me out more than people who say this is about domestic abuse,” she says. “Bringing up my book in this context trivialises the issues, doing women who actually go through it a huge disservice.”

I had links to her being meaner on Twitter, but since I joined the Banhammered Club, and can’t access those links, I stupidly deleted my links before thinking about making a second account to get screencaps.  If anyone has any caps and links, I’d appreciate it if you’d share them.

In reference to survivors asking her calm questions:


That got Kody send to the Banhammered Club.

Mara Wilson is known for keeping a calm hear where many of us who lose it.  This is how she disrespects people who dare to ask her legitimate questions in a calm manner:


She and the Twilight fandom that made her don’t get along, and it’s because of how she treated them.

GentleBlaze has done a wonderful write-up of problems with her.  It really drives home that her attitude is nothing new.

She’s also a hypocrite.  Despite riding the coattails of Twilight, she’s threatened to sue for using Fifty Shades as a party theme.

“You can’t just hijack something someone else owns.”

Hm.  On her own webpage, as of this moment:

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 3.30.41 PM

If that’s not the equivalent of climbing up the ladder someone else built, then pulling up behind you and telling those behind you to build their own like you did…n’t, then I don’t know what is.

She’s not nice to survivors, snarks people who have legitimate questions, and is a hypocrite.  There are many, many more examples.  Unfortunately I need to head out the door again, and will be back on my phone at red lights or not otherwise driving.

Feel free to add more examples in the comments.