Yesterday, instead of coming home after my daughter’s ballet class and working on today’s Grey recap, I decided to take her to Powell’s City of Books and VooDoo Doughnuts.  While at Powell’s, I discovered something.  I’ll get there in a moment.  Since I think some of us could use a brevity-break from the stress and appalled shock at what’s passing for romance these days, even in the new Grey book, which is making the initial Fifty Shades trilogy look mild, I’m going to make a more light-hearted photo-post about Powell’s and VooDoo in what passes for a yuppy day in Portland, Oregon.

When we first got to Powell’s, we went to one of our favorite sections, the fashion section.  We alternated between looking at pretty dresses and makeup:

Daughter fashionista-ing

And then we went to the Rare Book Room, but her request.  She knows to look with her eyes, not with her hands.  This is the oldest book on display:

Oldest book at Powell'sOn the way out, we saw this massive Marvel book on the history of its comics (the book is literally too large to display anywhere else safely), and I particularly liked this:

Letter to readersThen we headed to the children’s section.  When we got there, my eyes very quickly landed on a Snow White book I had as a child!  I got in in a book order when I was in kindergarten.  Remember those?  It’s one of the truest versions of the story in children’s books.  I remember thinking it was so cool that the tree would pop up, and that I could pull that tab to rock the cradle.

Snow WhiteSnow’s mother looks so much like a woman in the early 80’s.  Blue eyeshadow and all!  80’s gloriousness.  Here’s the evil queen:

Evil queen

But then I saw a popup of The Little Mermaid by Robert Sabuda.  I opened it up, and…

Little Mermaid 1OH EM GEE.  Colorsplosion of intricacy!  The white block in the bottom corner there opens several pages, with more pop-ups on each page.  Let’s take another look at that coral:

Little Mermaid 2It’s amazing that that all closes nicely and neatly into a flat book, and each page is the same in how impressive it is.  The wedding scene between the prince and princess at the end (nope, the mermaid doesn’t marry the prince in the original story) is even grander.

Next I picked up Beauty and the Beast, also by Sabuda.  You can practically hear Beast roar!

BeastI’m pretty amused that, although my daughter was so enchanted with those books that I couldn’t say no to either (Beast’s pic was taken at home, literally right before inserting it into this post), the book she loves best is the Snow White book.  For myself, I got the Puff the Magic Dragon pop-up book by Peter Yarrow.  If your’e over 25, I challenge you to get through this Peter, Paul, and Mary video without getting misty:

I can’t.

While looking at these books, I just marveled at how they’ve become so much more than my child-self ever would have imagined.

Just for good measure, to wrap up the morning and early afternoon, we went to VooDoo Doughnut:

VooDoowhere a film or a TV show (I don’t know which since I wasn’t interested enough to ask) as shooting in the background, and all those people you see alongside the building are waiting to doughnuts.  They’re spelled that way since they’re yeast-raised, hence dough, instead of leavened.  But that wasn’t the entire line.  From where we were, forward was walking away from the entrance to a u-bend.

Outside VooDooShe matches the technicolor railing!

And in front of me was this marquee:

PortlandAnimated hentai every Sunday from 10pm until midnight.  I hope they bleach the place after each show.  In the background you can see the sign for Burnside Street.


Yes, Mr. Burns was named after Burnside.  Matt Groening confirmed it.  Portlanders, and Oregonians in general, have known that show was set in Oregon for many years.  I swore on it back in the 90’s, but everyone wanted to think it was somewhere else.

But there is a point to adding in this part about VooDoo.  For, you see, is Madame James wanted to inject some actual humor into her books that made her characters seem like real locals, she could have worked this in somehow:

VP in PortlandYes, they are entirely aware of what those mean.

voodoo-doughnutOh yes, they went there.  The tip and the “balls” are filled with Bavarian cream.  It’s so large that Ron Jeremy would be jealous.  I’m surprised he doesn’t order them by the gross for his adult club, Club Sesso, which is just nine blocks from the Heathman.  (And Grey never went there?)

So after our exclusion to a huge bookstore for ages (there are more shelves than this map shows, and this is just one of Powell’s)…

Powell's Map

(at the bottom…should I try to start a group of authors book-signing?):


(it is a poster on the other side):

Powell's Posterand standing in line fore doughnuts for 45 minutes, in the heat, by the time we got home, I was too tired to work on a recap for today.  So I’ll get caught up on that tonight for a post shortly after midnight PST. 🙂