There have been many examples of the last several years of men feeling entitled to women, from a Elliot Rodger in Santa Barbara shooting and stabbing people because women wouldn’t have sex with him, to people defending Brock Turner and claiming that going to jail for raping a woman would he “too hard on him” and arguing that he’s somehow not a rapist, to Kraigen Grooms raping a toddler, posting it online, and admitting to a judge that he did it and have a 3-year-old picked out to rape next, and getting no jail time at all.

I just saw that Gigi Hadid was grabbed from behind and lifted from the ground.  She reacted as many women would do when accosted by a stranger.  She fought him off!  Good for her!  So why the hell is she having to defend herself for defending herself against him?

Her attacker’s name is Vitalii Seduik, and he call himself a “prankster.”  Somehow he’s managed to evade prosecution.  It’s like “pranking by assault” is the new version of how libelous speech on the internet can be protected by various laws protecting satire.  It’s horrid finding yourself on the receiving end of “satirical” libel.  Readers almost invariably believe that libel because “drama is fun,” especially in a time when so few people bother to fact-check anything.

And it’s something else entirely to physically grab someone, and then quip about it being a prank.  It’s not a prank.  Assault, no matter the form, whether it’s grabbing, hitting, or rape, is not a joke.

Seduik had no right to put his hands on Ms. Hadid.  She had EVERY right to defend herself however necessary, and “it was just a joke” should not be seen as a defense on Seduik’s part.  Women are assaulted in this world at a rate so high that it rarely makes news.  We are murdered left and right, and under no circumstances should we be expected to tolerate being grabbed by people we don’t know.  Whether you call them “crazed fans,” a “prankster,” or an “overzealous fan,” attackers should never be defended, and under no circumstances should an attacked woman be insulted for her behavior.