Back in February, I intended to start my recaps and to get back to writing.  That ended up not happening just yet, and I have a long queue of people e-yelling at me for not doing it.  While I appreciate people wanting to read my writing, please understand that this isn’t the job that pays any of my bills.  Among other things, I had surgery on six body parts at once, and that was entirely out of pocket.  I’ve still got thousands of dollars in bills from that.  Helping support my household and pay the bills has to come before my books and this blog.  I am not rich enough to forsake the work that actually pays.

When I can.  That’s what it comes down to.  I’m homeschooling a child with autism, which is full time in itself.  On top of that, I run a small business.  I have clients around the world for that.  I also volunteer my business services to non-profits around the US.  To make sure I get some physical movement, I take some ballet, and my daughter is in ballet and Girl Scouts to assist with her socialization.  Schooling a child is a full-time job.  My business is a full-time job.  I am literally doing the equivalent of two full-time jobs.  I am up by 8am to start the day, and am rarely in bed before 4am.  Seven days a week.  And now I am on the board of directors for an internationally-known historical reenactment society, and I still try to maintain a social life.

So I can not, in any sincerity, apologize for not resuming the recaps when I intended to.  I simply can’t.  Real life happens.  If I was paid for this blog, people would have every reason then to be angry, but not when this is a job I do, when I can, for the love of it.