I can’t believe I’m writing on politics.  But it involves a lot of rights that are important to me, and to why I started writing.

I’m against both Hillary and Trump, which I think everyone knows. However, we ARE going to be better off for Trump. Hear me out before deciding to make me a pariah because I think you’ll agree with this (unless you’re a Trump-supporter, that is):

We’ve had a gradual backslide in rights. States have had TRAP laws that have been making choice obsolete in many states. Some states are allowing LGBT discrimination under “religious freedom.” Women are under attack as rapists are getting off with next to no jail time, or literally no jail time. And so on. And as these things have happened slowly, we’ve gotten used to them. Indiana letting discrimination against gay people happen doesn’t affect a gay person in California right now, and so it’s easier to overlook. A raped and pregnant teen in Mississippi doesn’t affect me here, making it easier to overlook happening. We’re frogs in slowly boiling water, and this has been happening under a Democratic president. It’s all picked up steam under a Democratic president. So it’ll take more than a Democrat in office to stop.

Trump has taken us out of that comfortable and gently simmering water and thrown us right into boiling water, making it so we can no longer ignore what’s happening. If Hillary had won, we wouldn’t be talking today about how incredibly fucked up this country is. People would be celebrating a woman, any woman, in office, instead of realizing that violence against women is extremely common and needs to stop, that racial violence is extremely common and needs to stop, that violence and discrimination against the most basic of LGBT rights is extremely common and needs to stop. A few days ago, people were bitching about Obamacare, and now everyone’s now realizing that Obamacare helped people and so, so many are now worried about what losing it will mean for the masses.

Thanks to Trump’s win, America is being forced to face our many, many problems with bigotry and human rights violations that we were otherwise quietly accepting as we acclimated to them. Trump’s win is the slap to the face that America needed to wake the fuck up and start doing something.

As Michelle Obama said, “Don’t let anyone ever tell you that this country isn’t great, that somehow we need to make it great again. Because this, right now, is the greatest country on earth.”

Half right. This is the greatest America’s been to date, but we still have problems every single day of people fighting for basic rights and recognition. We’re made some strides, but have also taken quite a few steps back. We are the ONLY first-world nation that doesn’t see medical care as a human right. Almost all third-world nations see PAID maternity leave as human rights. We’re behind Cuba, Iraq, and Iran India even sees food as a human right. We’ve been whipped when it comes to LGBT rights. Our students are falling further behind as their basic needs are privileges that are seen as rights in many other places. A decade ago, a woman pregnant in an abusive relationship could have had an abortion in the first few months, but now is chained to her abuser in many states as rapists still have rights to the kids conceived through their crimes, which, even if convicted, rarely get jail time.

We are not the greatest country on earth, and Trump’s election is forcing us to look at our problems before it’s too late to put breaks on and back up. This was going to happen sooner or later. Hopefully now that we have to deal with it head-on, we can turn the wheel and veer onto a different path.

We can no longer distracted from the ongoing and growing problems in this country anymore. Hillary winning would be like Dug seeing a squirrel in Up. We’d look that way while not seeing what’s happening behind us. Trump is a spotlight on what’s wrong, and now we can deal with it. There’s no longer an excuse to ignore it. Hillary would be a baby’s pacifier. Some would say progress is being made because a woman’s in office even though Obama in office didn’t exactly mean progress was made on race relations. It’s gotten worse for black people, and racists pointed to Obama as “proof” that things have gotten better. Yeah, tell that to Tamir Rice’s mother as she stares in disbelief at a bill she got for her son’s murder expenses.

The pacifier’s yanked. The wool’s gone. America is now seeing itself for what it is, and we now have a chance to start fixing things. I’m not glad that this is what America’s become, and Trump winning does hurt. But Trump’s win hurts because it means a look in the mirror, and America doesn’t like what it sees. The problem isn’t Trump. The problem is America itself. We’re just blaming the person holding the mirror.  Trump is merely a representation of where America as slid back to while we were too busy ignoring our own decline and increasing apathy.

Maybe American CAN become GREAT, not because of Trump, but in spite of him.  This disaster has pulled the wool off of our eyes. We can no longer claim to not see the problems. America’s quiet acceptance of bigotry and discrimination that hadn’t personally affected our own individual lives to a noticeable degree helped cause this by telling bigots that no one will stop them. Well, this is the bed America made. Are we going to lie in it, or are we going to get the fuck up and do something to affect positive social, economic, and personal change now that the kindling under our collective asses has been lit?