All right, folks.  Like the rest of the US and much of the world, I was distracted by the elections (I desperately want to know what Hillary promised Wall Street to win their support, and Trump…I hope he’s ready to make the least amount of money in his life).

On Saturday, the rest of the next Grey recap will be posted, though, as planned, little is likely to be posted next week as my daughter’s birthday is a week from Saturday, which will be a princess ball.  I’m DIYing it to the hilt.

Since I am behind on the author interviews, I’m going to see if any of my authors have the time to do an interview soon so I can post either this Sunday or the next.

In the coming couple weeks, I will be finishing a post on the hypocrisy of sharing Melania Trump’s old nudes in an attempt to shame her by people claiming to be feminists, and an upsetting realization I just had about Twilight that I haven’t seen addressed elsewhere.

But tonight?  I’m off to finish pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I already have a brief post scheduled.  Think about what makes you thankful, and please join me tomorrow in sharing some of the things you’re grateful for.