Something perhaps unusual that I’m thankful for today is actually a someone. Mr. Rogers. Obviously I’m not a perfect parent, and sometimes I have to be stern with my precious, but for the most part, I try to emulate Mr. Rogers. He never talked down to us, or treated us like we were stupid. He didn’t shy away from heavy topics that many parents would tell their kids they’d talk about “when they’re older.” He found a way to talk about the hard things in a way kids understood, and he made sure to teach kids to be accepting of those different than themselves. He got on our level and as patient and gentle and remembered were were complete people with our likes and dislikes and our hopes and fears and our happinesses and angers and sadnesses, even when we were just little children, and he talked us through how to deal with the fears and the angers and thins we didn’t like, without making us feel invalidated for feeling that way. He encouraged our happy things, and taught us that we had some power to change things we didn’t like into what we did like, while emphasizing that we were fine just the way we were, flaws and all.

That’s some of what he did for us, and it’s what I try to do for my child.

What are some things you are grateful for that are often overlooked on Thanksgiving?