Well, Seting Sun is it its home stretch, and I have yet to come up with a better title.  I’m also planning to start a weekly author interview.  I know this blog is new, but what author doesn’t like to share what they’re doing?  It also doesn’t hurt authors to have their names on more pages when it comes to google rankings!  I’ll probably get that started officially in November.  I need to get the Halloween rush here at home finished!  

I feel like I’m eating, breathing, sleeping, this book right now.  It’s difficult for me to walk through the store without thinking about ways to describe the lighting, the atmosphere, the sounds, etc., and to think about whether or not I should try to fit in such things as a trip to pick up groceries into this novel.  It would add realism, but I also do not want to have scenes just for the sake of it.  Perhaps in the sequel I will work this in.