Just for fun, I’m adding this “character interview” for yesterday’s post.

Character Interview questions
1. Can you tell my readers who you are? Do you have a nick name you’d prefer I call you?
Hey, everyone. I’m Noah, and no I don’t have a nickname. I think I’m just about the only one who doesn’t have a nickname, actually. Next to Van, Zander, and Ketchup, I’m the odd man out. Without Ketchup it wouldn’t seem as bad. Yeah, I could definitely do without Ketchup hanging around.

2. For those readers who are meeting you for the first time, what do you look like?
I’ve got medium brownish hair and green eyes. Van says my hair is the color of caramel, but then again, she says Ketchup is a dead ringer for Superman. I get a food, he gets a comic book icon. Go figure.

3. What’s one feature a reader would recognize right away if they saw you?
Hmm…my eyes? One time Van referred to them a “crisp green” and she seemed a bit fascinated. I’m not sure what she meant by crisp. Like a pickle? An apple? More food references. Is that weird?

4. Girls love scars and interesting birthmarks. Any you’d like to reveal to my readers?
I have a decent sized scar on my calf that I got during one of my first Jeet Kune Do matches. I’ve got a few other scars, but I’d rather not go into where those came from. Van doesn’t seem to have a single scar, I’ve noticed, which is odd because she’s gotten into plenty of fights and bad situations.

5. Can you tell us a little about your family?
My family is big, and a little crazy. I’m not sure why Van is so fascinated by them. I think she nearly fainted the first time she came over to my house and nearly got trample by them.

6. Who are you closest to, and who do you wish you were closer to?
I’m close with all my siblings, but my baby sister Amelia has me wrapped around her finger. As for who I wish I was closer to, I keep thinking one day Van is finally going to let me in for real, but I think I might be waiting for a while yet.

7. Where do you call home, and has that always been the same place?
I’ve spent most of my life in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Most of my friends forget I wasn’t born here, but I prefer it that way. My first home isn’t something I want to talk about.

8. What is your biggest fear? Is there anyone you trust enough to tell?
Biggest fear? Not finishing what I started. The only people I trust enough to tell already know, and that’s how it has to stay.

9. It seems like everyone else has a secret. Do you?
Secrets? Of course not. I’m pretty much the most average, normal person you’ll come across. Anyone who says I have a secret doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

10. What makes your character laugh out loud?
Watching Van interact with my family. She’s so serious all the time. It cracks me up to watch her try to play superhero-fairy princess-cowboy-Nerf shooters with Amelia. It’s like she never really played before or got to act like a kid. It really makes me wonder about her home life sometimes.

11. What is one strong memory that has stuck with you from childhood? Why is it so powerful and lasting?
Meeting my first martial arts instructor. Even though I was small, he expected a lot from me and taught me to expect the same of myself. He gave me purpose.

12. If you could take one night off, where would you go and who would you go with?
The who is easy. I’d steal Van away from Ketchup, Zander, and all the problems that seem to keep her so distracted. Where is a bit harder. There are so many things Van isn’t allowed to do and places her grandma would flip if she went. I think simple is probably best. The Sandia Peak Tramway has an amazing view, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the most romantic spots in Albuquerque.

13. What does you most value in friends?

14. Which words or phrases do you get accused of over-using?
I can’t think of anything off the top of my head, but I’m sure Van would tell you it’s something like, “Does Ketchup really have to be here?”

15. If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?
To have a different purpose.

16. Some of your friends have special abilities. Which talent or ability do you wish you had?
Super strength would certainly come in handy in Jeet Kune Do, but in all honesty, I wish I could know what people were thinking. It’d be a lot easier to pick out the lies from the truth that way.