There are tons of straight recaps of Fifty Shades (each word is a link to a different recap).  There’s even one by a longtime member of the BDSM lifestyle covering what is wrong and right regarding the depiction of BDSM in the books (it’s not in E.L. James’ favor).  Something I haven’t seen before, which isn’t to say it doesn’t exist, is a “real time” pseudo-recap through Ana’s perspective in a journal format.  It’s one thing to read the timeline and think, “Wow, that looks fast,” and another to read a daily “journal entry” going over each day in the book, to get a feel for how fast things really happened.  


I went back and forth between using the calendar days, or moving the dates to the correct day of the week and just having it be a few days off.  May 9th is Friday this year, but was a Monday in book-time.  I haven’t yet decided if I’ll start this on May 12th, and re-date that as the first day, with a quick not each time to an explanatory post to why the dates are three days off, or just keep with the calendar dates, and post on different days of the week.  I’m leaning toward the former because I want readers to get a feel for the time, and you’ll feel a Monday more on a Monday than on a Friday.


Since Ana obviously didn’t get out of bed most nights, we’ll just pretend there there is some magic that allowed her to write her log in her brain at the end of each day or, when appropriate, the next morning. 


Check back on May 9th, or follow this blog to read along.